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Pest Control Phoenix AZ Verses Do-It-Yourself Bedbug Treatment

If you have bedbugs in your home and are thinking about trying to get rid of those pesky biting parasites on your own, forget it. Save yourself the time, money, trouble and the heartache of being confronted with the fact that they are still hiding in your home just waiting to make a meal of you after dark. As soon as you realize that you have a bed bug infestation contact a pest control Phoenix with Green Home Pest specialist.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are parasites, tiny brown bugs that look very similar to cockroaches and they bite. bedbug (1)They are nocturnal and do not like the light. This makes them even harder to find because the hide during the daylight hours, coming out at night to feast on the blood of their unsuspecting host. Bed bugs are paper thin and clear in color until they have their first meal, then they grown to several times their original size and appear to be brown. At the first sign of these little buggers call Green Home Pest Control Phoenix AZ and be rid of them forever.

What Does a Bedbug Bite Look Like?

BedBugBitesBedbug bites don’t look the same on everyone but most often the look like a mosquito or flea bite and the itch. Quite often bedbug bites are several bites in a row or red whelps on exposed parts of the body as their host is sleeping. If you think that you have bedbugs sleeping in long pajamas can help keep the parasites off of your arms and legs but your face and neck will still be exposed. The best thing to do is call Green Home Pest Control as soon as possible and rid your bed and home of the pesky buggers.

A Greener Way to Bed Bug Extermination Phoenix

The friendly people at Green Home Pest Control gives their clients the best Bedbug treatment Phoenix has to has to offer. They will treat your home and completely rid it of bedbugs in half the time that you could with any other pest control service or home remedy and the best part is “No dangerous chemicals” will be used in the extermination process.

Green Home Pest Control is a great company that really cares about their clients welfare and the environment. The Green Home Pest Control team members are good honest people that you can depend on. Each Green Home Pest Control technician has been through a series of background checks and drug screens for your protection.

If you think that you may have a bedbug problem in your home call Green Home Pest Control and schedule a visit today. You will be happy that you did, but the bedbugs won’t be.

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